If you’ve been putting off setting up a Facebook Fan Page for your Photography Business, then you’ve just run out of excuses!

Most people these days know how big Facebook is. With 800 million users, it’s an amazing place to promote any business, including your Photography business. Unfortunately it seems many photographers just never get around to it. 

The whole Facebook thing can appear quite complicated and if you’re just starting out it can look way too hard to set up properly and too time-consuming to actually use…

  •  First you’ve got to work out how it works, then you need to set it up
  • Then you need to tweak it and fine tune it to get it looking good
  • Then you need to find and install all the different 3rd party apps to make interesting
  • Then you need to login every day to post new content…

Or at least that’s how it used to be…

We’ve been hearing these sorts of comments from photographers like yourself for a long time now, so we’ve decided to make it a whole lot easier for you. We’ve put together a three-part package so no photographer has to miss out on all the great exposure and contacts you can get on Facebook.

Step 1. We set you up with a professional Facebook Fan Page, complete with your information, photos, feeds and all the best business Apps installed and running.

Step 2. We set up automated content publishing, so your Fan Page always has fresh new content, even if you don’t get there too often.

Step 3. We also give you a simple checklist style guide of simple tasks you can do when time permits to increase your network of fans, expand your content and really turbo-charge your business.

This package is completely plug and play … you answer a few questions, submit a small selection of photos and we do everything else.


But Isn’t Facebook For Personal Networking, Not Business?

No question it was when it first started, but once they introduced Fan Pages, all that changed …

A survey of 1,972 small businesses found that a staggering 96 percent of them are using Facebook as a marketing tool, and 86 percent found the social network to be effective.

These figures from engagement marketing company Constant Contact come in higher than anything we’ve seen yet for small businesses’ presence on the social network.

Businesses are using social media, and they’re getting results. Professional Photographers as a group have been slow on the uptake, but that just means there’s an added advantage for those who are using this exciting platform to promote their work.

The Power of (Social) Numbers …

A common question we get is from Photographers wondering how much of this exposure is likely to be ‘Photo Buyers’ … after all, most people looking at photography websites are photographers themselves, so surely Facebook won’t be much different?

Well here’s a few facts to put that in perspective…

  1. The average Facebook user has 130 ‘friends’
  2. 50% of Facebook users log in every day
  3. They spend an average of 55 minutes a day on Facebook
  4. Facebook Fans are 41% more likely to recommend a business they’re a fan of to THEIR friends.

So how does all this work in the real world?

Say you grow your following to 100 Fans; that’s 100 people who are interested enough in your photography to Like your page. That means your Posts appear on their Wall automatically, so you can put your message in front of them any time you like.

That’s just the start though … remember each of these average users has 130 Friends, so there’s a good chance they’ll Share or repost your messages. So suddenly your Posts can be going out to 13,000 users!

Are they all going to be photo-buyers … no way!

But… friends do tend to share similar interests, so you can bet a good number of them will have an interest in photography. And among those, there’s a very good chance that you will find people who use stock photography in their work.

This networking works in a similar way with business interests. Say you have even 10 photo-buyers who Like your page. When you consider their business/work interests, it’s even more likely that their 130-name friends list is going to include some people who are in the same line of work!

It’s this pattern of people connecting with people who share similar interests that makes Facebook so powerful for business networking.

So why should you trust this to us?

Well for starters, we’re already doing this for ourselves, and I’ve got to say we’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’d never call myself a Facebook expert, but I know what works for photographers and I’ve developed a powerful but simple system for setting up Fan Pages fast.

These days we have over a dozen Fan Pages of our own with more than 8000 fans. Each of these Fan Pages update themselves automatically several times a week and we rarely touch them. Combined they deliver almost 2000 free targeted visitors to our websites every single month.

More recently we’ve used this exact same process to set up professional Facebook Fan pages for a few photographer-friends, and the response was so good, we decided to offer the package to a wider audience.

Introducing Facebook Timeline  For Photographers

This package delivers a complete Fabeook Photography Business Fan Page, ready to go, un seven days or less.

We’re not trying to sell you an abstract system or complicated training package… we literally do it all for you.

You hand off this all-important one-time job to experienced profesisonals who do it all the time.

If you’ve read this far, it’s safe to say you know it’s a job that needs doing… but you either don’t know how or don’t have the time to do yourself.

So why not give it over to someone who does ?

Hand it over to my team today and here’s what we will do for you…


  • We’ll create a Fan Page for your photography business. If you’ve got a personal Facebook Account we will attach it to your page, otherwise we can set that up later..
  • We’ll create and upload a unique Cover Image for your page. We’ll format it for maximum impact and add some text overlays so you don’t have to worry about someone else using it.
  • We’ll also upload a Profile Image or Logo for your page. You can decide which you prefer and you can always change it later.
  • We’ll add your contact details, bio and work profile. You can free-write this into the form and we’ll tidy it up and make sure the information looks good and gets to where it needs to be.
  • We’ll add 6 timeline Milestone entries with images. These are a pictorial history of your photography business. We insert one photo and an explanation, for up to six important dates in your photographic career.
  • We’ll add links to your photography websites. You get the double benefit of direct visitor traffic and the extra SEO backlinks.
  • We’ll add links to your social media accounts. Tell us what accounts you use and we’ll add those as well, so your visitors can connect that way if they choose.
  • We’ll add a Blog Feed to your page. If you have a blog of any description, we’ll install a special application that republishes your blog posts to your page, so your Facebook Fans will be able to follow your posts without leaving your page.
  • We’ll add a Twitter Feed to your page. Likewise, if you’re on Twitter, we’ll install another application that reposts your Tweets, so the Twitter users among your Fans can read those and follow you on Twitter if they choose.
  • We’ll a YouTube video feed to your page. If you’re on YouTube we can add a feed of your Channel, or else we will create a new Channel based on your style of work and your key subjects. This adds more content of interest for your Fans and helps your performance in the search engines.
  • We’ll install a special Fan-Gate application that will encourage people to connect with you through your page and become your Fan. This is guaranteed to grow your fan-base faster than you ever thought possible!
  • We’ll install custom eye-catching Fan Page Tabs for each of your Apps to make sure your visitors spot the ones they want and find the content that’s going to interest them most.
  • We’ll install another special Austoposter App that will repost news and information related to your photographic interests. This means, even if you don’t get to Facebook regularly yourself, your page always stays fresh and interesting for your visitors!
  • We’ll get you a custom Page Name. This means instead of a long complicated link with your Facebook ID numbers you can promote your page with a short, snappy url. This can only get set up when you reach 25 Fans, but you really want to get this set up fast, so we’ll help you out there as well!
  • We’ll get you at least 100 Likes. Facebook visitors do tend to look for social proof … so if your pages has a lot of Likes, people are more likely to Like it themselves. To help with that we’ll get you 100 likes to get the ball rolling (and let us set your Page username).

So does this sound like a package that could create a powerful, professional Facebook presence for you, hands-free. A presence that will update and expand all on it’s own, with little or no input from you?

Can you see the massive time-savings you’re getting here?

Consider this … even if you already knew all there is to know about each of the tasks we compelte t oset up your Photography Business Fan Page, it would still take you hours and hours to complete them all.

Create a Fan Page 10 mins
Format and upload a unique Cover Image 30 mins
Format and upload a Profile Image or Logo 10 mins
Edit & add your contact details, bio and work profile 30 mins
Add 6 timeline Milestone entries with images 60 mins
Add links to your photography websites 20 mins
Add links to your social media accounts 20 mins
Install application & add a Blog Feed 20 mins
Install application & add a Twitter Feed 20 mins
Install application & add YouTube video feed 20 mins
Create YouTube Channel feed if required 15 mins
Create & install custom Tab Graphics 30 mins
Create custom 2-3 Google newsfeeds 15 mins
Install and configure RSS feed publisher app 20 mins
Set up a SEO page username 10 mins
Generate 100 Likes for your page  Weeks!
 330 Minutes!

That’s over 5 hours of work … assuming you even know where to start!

Because we do this so often, we’ve got systems in place to speed the process and a small team of specialists we call on to perform each of the tasks. This means we can create your page quickly and professionally, in a fraction of the time it would take you. 

So you get a professional business Fan Page published on Facebook,
quickly & easily, with none of the headaches or information overload.

You give us your information and images, and we hand you back a fully functional, professional Facebook presence a few days later.

So the all important bottom line … what’s it all cost?

Well I’m not going to beat around the bush here. This is a comprehensive, specialized package and our initial research suggests we could easily charge $300 or for it, and eventually we probably will.

For now though, this is a new service and we’re keen to test it out, so we’re prepared to do a great deal on the price for the first few orders.

For this Launch Special you can order this whole package today and get your complete Facebook web presence set up for you in 7 days or less, for just $197.00.

The price is certain to increase once we get settled, so click the button below now to lock in this great price and secure your place in the queue.

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Please note: all orders will be queued and completed as quickly as possible. To keep the turn around under a week and avoid frustrating delays for our customers, we will be shutting down the order button any time we get 12 or more orders in the queue.

There are currently 3 orders in the queue, so please don’t delay. Order today and secure your place.

What Happens After I Order?

Your part of this process is quite simple. After you place your order we’ll ask you a few question to gather the basic profile info and confirm your preferences. You just give us as much information as you want and ignore everything else.

Then you just need pick out a few photos. We suggest 8-10 photos for now, and we’ll tell you how to format and submit those.We understand that most photographers will want to take soem time on image selection & formatting, so you can email those to us whenever you’re ready.

As soon as we get your information and your photos we’ll get to work on your page. We aim for a maximum 7-day turn around on all orders, but usually it’s much quicker and most pages are up in 3-4 days.

Once it’s done we’ll send you the link and a short guide to your page. You can login, look around and get familiar with it. You can tweak any of the text yourself, or send us one revision email.

We also include a simple Action Checklist, so you can interact directly with your visitors and Fans on a time frame that suits you.

This process really is simple and quite painless, but the results will be out there working for you for many years to come, so don’t put it off any longer … if the order button above is visible, that means you can be up and fully operational with your own Professional Photography Business Fan Page on Facebook in just 7 days or less!

Best of all you can do it, totally risk-free!

I understand some people mightn’t be totally clear on how Facebook Fan Pages work and what the end result might look like, so I want to make it easy for you to find out. I’m going to take on all the risk for you so you can see your finished Fan Page absolutely risk-free.

When you order your Facebook Timeline For Photographers Package today, you’ll be fully covered by our 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

We’ll get your Facebook Fan Page totally set up for you, and if you aren’t totally satisfied, just let me know and I’ll refund your money, in full, no questions asked.

I hope you now see that you’ve got nothing to lose here and much to gain, so you should place your order now before the queue closes or the price goes up.


Brad Stephens

PS. If you’ve been putting off setting up Facebook, then this is your chance to get in on this amazing social marketing platform. In just a few days you can establish a professional presence and start building a loyal following of fans who appreciate your work and will help you publicise your business.

If you don’t act today you know you’ll be destined to keep putting it off. It’s no surprise. As a photographer, the last thing you want to do is sit at a computer for hours, so click the button below and let us  finally get your business on Facebook.

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